”I am Your Body”


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The 12 Energy channels of the body are:
  • 1 "Oxygen and Immune system" (Lung)
  • 2 "Digestion and Lymphatic system" (Large Intestine)
  • 3 "Acidity and Stress" (Stomach)
  • 4 "Toxic burdens" (Spleen Pancreas)
  • 5 "Emotion & Feelings" (Heart)
  • 6 "Sensibility and excitement" (Small Intestine)
  • 7 "Sexual organs" (Urinary Bladder)
  • 8 "Draining of fluids and mineral regulation" (Kidney)
  • 9 "Blood pressure and circulation" (Circulation)
  • 10 "Hormonal system and relaxation" (Hormones)
  • 11 "Fat metabolism/digestion and Anger" (Gall Bladder)
  • 12 "Detoxification and proteins" (Liver)

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